Massage Therapy Sessions coming Spring 2023! 

Reflexology Services

  • 20 minute session $25
  • 60 minute sessions $55

Modern Reflexology is less than 100 years old, but promoting healing through the feet and hands has been practiced by many cultures for centuries, even as far back as ancient Egyptians.

Reflexology is about helping the body towards complete wellbeing. Each part and function of the body is represented by corresponding reflex point on the body's extremities, most particularly in the feet.  Focusing on these points can release tension, clear blockages and help the body to heal many malfunctions.


Toe Reading Services

  • Toe Talk $40 (45 min )
  • Foot (rest) Treatment $40 (60 min)
  • Journey (Toe Spa) $60 (90 min)

What is Toe Reading?

Toe reading is based on the theory that each individual records a holograph of the story of their life and stores it within the feet and body.

Toes reveal how a person copes with their thoughts and feelings.

The art of observing the detailed features of the toes may offer insight into past experiences and current issues.

Guiding awareness on how the body keeps score may open paths to positive outcomes.

toes reading