Skincare Services and Prices

Skincare servicesWe provide complete care and nourishment for your skin, including facial treatments, dermaplaning, MicroCurrent LED treatments, and waxing. We also offer lash lift and lash and brow tinting.

Enjoy a customized facial treatment with all-natural cosmecuetical skin care products. Everything from cherries and milk to citrus and green tea. Our aesthetician's use Rhonda Allison, a naturally scientific skin care line that uses nature for inspiration.

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  • Carefree Custom Facial, $65-$100
  • Lunchtime Facial - 30 minutes, $45
  • Back Facial, $65
  • Carefree Facelift $75
  • Carefree Facelift series $150

Click here for more information about Facelift and LED therapy and see before and after pictures.

  • Makeup Application $45+
  • Dermal Resurface $45
  • Dermal Resurface w/ Peel $75
  • Dermaplane Facial $95

A esthetician uses a tool with a blade at the tip to scrape the dead skin cells and fine hair off the surface of the skin. This is painless and requires no down time.

  • Safe for all skin types (doesn’t suck or pull at skin so no possibility of broken capillaries or bruising).
  • Exfoliates dead skin layers
  • Will soften the appearance of fine lines
  • Softens the appearance of superficial scaring
  • Leaves skin looking bright, toned and healthy looking
  • A more even, deep, and controlled exfoliation
  • Temporarily removes fine hair (great for those that cannot wax or do laser)

Collagen Induction Therapy 

Microneedling to stimulate collagen production.  Reduces scarring and wrinkles

  •  $125 per session or 3 sessions for $299
  • Lash Tint, $20
  • Brow Tint, $15
  • WAXING - Brow, $15
  • Lip, Chin or Nose $10 each
  • Brow and Lip, $20
  • Full Face, $35
  • Underarms, $20
  • Full Back, $60+
  • Full Arm, $35+
  • Forearm, $25
  • Bikini, $30+
  • Half Leg, $40+
  • Full Leg/Bikini, $80+
  • Full Leg (no Bikini), $60+